An Eidolon is a ghoul or a phantom first written about in Greek Mythology. The word literally means “image of the ideal.” The Eidolons were ghostly women created by Zeus from light and mist. Walt Whitman makes various references to these creatures in various forms in his poetry as well.

This name is used today in a variety of ways. Some companies named after these spirits use the word in terms of “image of the ideal” rather than that of a phantom. For instance, a golf wedge company who makes special golf clubs designed specifically for individual users is known by this name. The golf clubs have a unique sole on the bottom of each. It is also the name of a heavy metal band and the name of a pocket toy helicopter with a remote control. In Park Slope, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, a designer boutique carries the Eidolon name as well where independent designers sell handmade items that they and other local artisans have crafted.

There are even more businesses who claim the name Eidolon that is the “image of the ideal.” A New York City ballet company has this name.  The company was formed as an off-season ballet group who would perform the exciting new works of upcoming choreographers. A furniture manufacturing company who makes wooden cabinetry and other wooden works is called by this name, as is a nature preserve in West Virginia, known for its outstanding views and gorgeous species that grow on the many acres in the park.

There is also an acoustic band that plays at symphony halls throughout the country with an instrument that they created called the guitjo. It is similar to a two-neck guitar. It has 14 strings and sounds a lot like a harp. There are inventions that can be found online with this name as well. One of these is a hand-held lamp that is very bright. Beautiful, well-groomed pedigree dogs can be found for purchase at a site with this name as well.

Probably the most common use of the terms Eidolon today is for characters in a video game entitled Final Fantasy. These characters are definitely images of the mythical phantoms who roamed within the realm of Zeus and his entourage. In Final Fantasy XIII, the phantoms become much like those of the Greek myth because the phantom is mirrored from the summoner, along with his or her character traits and looks. These ghostly characters have the ability to enter the Gestalt Mode to change into mechanical devices capable of great destruction.

Other versions of Final Fantasy also have these magical creatures, Eidolons. Final Fantasy IV portrays them as intelligent monsters who can only be summoned by the character, Rydia. Feymarch is their home. In Final Fantasy IX, these phantoms are so strong that they can destroy large populated areas with very little effort. They are important characters in the story line, and only certain players can call them for assistance.

Like most popular video games, the Final Fantasy games have “cheats” at various online sites that will help players get through an obstacle that they have encountered in a part of the game. Most of these cheats can be found online for free, but others have a charge. They provide codes that can be programmed into a game system, such as Playstation or X Box. After the code is entered, the player gains special abilities, such as being invincible or having multiple lives. Millions of video game players who love the Final Fantasy games know and understand the details about the phantom monsters who can help you advance in the game.