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XBox vs PC Video Games
When it comes to XBox and PC gaming, there is a huge difference.  Consumers are especially curious about the differences between a game title that is made for both platforms, which leaves them wondering what platform to choose.  While personal comfort level should be a deciding factor, it is important to thoroughly examine all the aspects of both the XBox and the PC.  However, in the end, it is entirely up to the player.

Power and Speed
Although XBox is manufactured by the Microsoft Corporation, whose bread and butter is in the PC industry, a PC is hands-down the more advanced console in terms of gaming.  While XBox consoles are fantastic in their own right, they have definite power limitations.  However, all PC games have minimum running requirements because of the constant rate in which computers become outdated.  The more advanced a computer game’s graphics are, the higher power a PC needs to run it.  On the other hand, an XBox game is made to run at speeds that match its console, making the XBox game more easy and convenient to use.

Graphics and Choices
There is no question that console gaming has made huge jumps in technological advancements since the Atari days when 4-bit graphics ruled the market.  Today’s XBox games have graphics that appear extremely life-like.  And since consoles come with their own controller, which is easier to use compared to a keyboard or mouse, gamers do not have to buy a special controller or joystick as they do for PC games.

The game selection offered by consoles cannot be beat by the PC.  This not only true if you buy XBox Live, but also other platforms as well–Nintendo and Sony PlayStation–both of which are known for their wide game selection.  However, some gaming experts predict that one day consoles will catch up to their PC competitor in terms of game variety, especially considering the popularity of console gameplay.

The Similarities
Although PC games and their XBox counterparts are in some ways difficult to compare, it is clear that the console is starting to run pace with the computer.  However, the cost of computer gaming far outweighs that of console gaming as PC system upgrades must be factored into the equation.  But now that consoles such as the XBox can connect to the internet, the MMORPG games that were once the sole domain of the PC are available to console owners too.  Of course, the computer multi-player and role playing games seem to be more simplistic and straightforward in terms of connecting, operating, and playing, which still gives the PC a slight edge over the XBox.

System Upgrades
The biggest downside to PC games is that as stated before, the PC needs to be periodically upgraded in order to support the minimum speed and graphics requirements.  This means PC gamers must ensure that they have enough RAM in addition to a compatible video card.  If the video card is incompatible with the game, users will see a video error and they must either cast the game aside or purchase a different video card, either way that means spending money.  These problems and additional costs simply do not exist with the XBox.